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Priced fair for fast implementation


Core Technology

  • $1/10k Client/Mobile Requests
  • Unlimited Configs
  • Unlimited Projects
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Feature Flags & Dynamic Log Levels

Enterprise Level Features

  • No seat-based pricing
  • Keep your logging tool & save $
  • Robust & Realtime
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Pricing examples

Don't rebuild the wheel Simple. Fast. Cost effective.

Straightforward, fair, pricing is a core element of Prefab's promise. We charge you when our servers do work.
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What's a 'server'?
Each server SDK you run will setup a streaming connection to our servers for realtime updates. We monitor how many connections there are every minute, aggregate that and charge at a rate of a dollar / month.
Is there a catch?
No catch. We just got tired of endless sales-calls and 100 SaaS companies trying to upcharge us for everything. Prefab is different. We are developers, building webscale killer versions of these core systems so that we never need to do it again.
Is there a trial?
Yes, we offer a 60 day free trial. No credit card required. We want you to be sure that Prefab is right for you.
Is there a free tier?
Yes, the first $5 every month are free. This means that if you have 5 connections, you will not be charged. If you have 10 connections, you will be charged $5. If you have 100 connections, you will be charged $95.
Abuse Prevention Charges
There are also minor charges on all API endpoints in order to prevent abuse. This looks like: $.001 / config update. We do everything we can to keep these minimal.
Can I get an example?
Sure. You've got 10 servers. 10 engineers and 5 product people. Servers will be $10 for the month. Engineer laptops will connect during development. If they are active 40hr/wk that will be $2.22 (40 hours x 4 weeks / 30 days * 24 hours) Net: $12.22 for the month.
Do I need to change my logging aggregator?
Keep your logging as is. Keep your log aggregator and pipelines as they are. Prefab slots into your existing logging infrastructure. Prefab simply makes the 'should I log' step of the logging library dynamically updatable and context aware. Your logs do not go to Prefab. This is why Prefab can be so effective at helping you save on logging costs.
How much can I save on DataDog Logging?
It's up to you, but savings can be dramatic. Typically, the bulk of logging charges come from INFO and DEBUG level logs. You could set production to only log WARN and that is hopefully pretty quiet, but then you have very little detail to help you investigate issues. For this reason, many systems end up outputting at INFO. It's not unusual for this to increase logging volume 10x. Prefab allows you to keep the level at WARN, until you need it, then quickly turn it to DEBUG for an hour. In this example you could save almost 90% on your logging bill.
Why are Client/Mobile requests different?
The server SDKs will all download the configuration and then evaluate it as many times as they want. Mobile and web clients won't download the config itself, because that could leak information like your customer ids. Instead, they'll ask the server to evaluate the feature flags for each request. We charge $1 for every 10k of these requests. If you have huge volume, let's talk.
Can I run this on my servers?
Very possible, let's talk. Hit us up on chat.
We switched to Prefab from LaunchDarkly and couldn't be happier. The clients are user-friendly with a powerful UI, and their dynamic logging is a game-changer. We can toggle log levels across our entire stack [Rails, Node, and Typescript], saving costs by enabling low-level logs only when needed.
Mark Faga
HuntClubMark FagaPrincipal Software Engineer
I'm running a startup, but that doesn't mean I don't want the dynamic control over my configuration that I had when I was on a team with 100 engineers. Prefab gets this and gives me the core dynamic configuration and feature flags that can be my foundation as we scale.
Mark Greene
ShepherdlyMark GreeneFounder