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Build, Push, and Deploy with Exceptional Configuration Capabilities

Switches, Knobs & Levers

Push. Build. Deploy. It’s a song as old as time, but it’s too damn slow.

Ship your code with operational knobs and switches and take control of your services while they’re running.

Need to change something? Instant updates are yours, targeted at just the services & environments you want.

No Dead Numbers

How many retries should your HTTP service make? How long should the timeout be? What level of parallelization should that job use? What about your kafka retry backoff?

The only thing that’s certain is that someday something will be on fire and you’ll want to change it.

With prefab, you can change these settings on the fly. No need to redeploy. No need to restart. Just change it and go.

Audit Logging

Store who did what for all time. Whether it’s SOX or for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Change your systems in production, instantly

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