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Simple, Powerful, Dynamic Configuration & Secret Management for Developers

One API Key Per Developer

Each developer gets their own API key, and with it they pull down a single, consistent set of all configuration they need to run locally. No more env var whack-a-mole. No more spending time in slack asking for .env files and stitching things together.

To change values locally, just use CLI or Editor Tools to set a personal override. These are connected to your API key so they will only affect your development environment.

A single source of local development truth means less time setting up local development.

Observe all Config Activity

Never wonder what that value is in production again. See the real runtime values of all config & environment variables.

Change ENV[DB_TIMEOUT"] to Prefab.get("db.timeout") and you're done.

Easily integrate & enhance your existing ENV vars and Terraform or other IaaS.

Never ssh into production just to run printenv again. Just use our CLI or Editor Tools.

Instant Config Changes

Push. Build. Deploy. It’s a song as old as time, but it’s too damn slow.

Live config means instant changes. Ship your code with operational knobs and switches and take control of your services while they’re running.

Need to fine-tune? Target just the services & environments you want. Use any context to target your configuration.

See all your configuration in one place

A single pane of glass for all your config. All your defaults. All your overrides.

Never wonder what config is in your environment again.

Audit Logging

Whether it’s SOX or for yourself, we’ve got you covered. See who changed what and when.

Secret Management

Secrets are just config. Well, encrypted, confidential config.

You don't need a whole other tool just to manage secrets. Prefab's got you covered.

Prefab secrets is a zero-trust model. Use a simple CLI prefab secrets set to push encrypted secrets to your services.

We can't decrypt your secrets, but we can help you manage them. Read more about our Secret Management solution.

No Dead Numbers

How many retries should your HTTP service make? How long should the timeout be? What level of parallelization should that job use? What about your kafka retry backoff?

The only thing that’s certain is that someday something will be on fire and you’ll want to change it.

With prefab, you can change these settings on the fly. No need to redeploy. No need to restart. Just change it and go.

Environment Variables, Configuration and Secrets that Will Actually Make You Smile

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