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Save Money on Logging Without Sacrificing Debugging

Log Less, Debug More

Log Less, Until You Need It

The fundamental challenge when trying to save money on logging is deciding how much to log.

Reduce logging and make debugging hard? Or log everything and watch the costs skyrocket?

Instant level changes let you use WARN or ERROR levels saving money. Then, when you need it, with a single click you can instantly change the log level to DEBUG or TRACE.

Keep Your Existing Provider

Prefab is not another logging tool. Keep your log aggregator. Whether you're using DataDog, Sumo Logic, Logz, Logtail, or self hosting Logstash and ELK, Prefab can help you save money.

There's no need to change your logging code. Prefab is a drop in filter that gives you more control and flexibility on what is ingested by your log aggregator.

Try it in 5 minutes locally with no commitment.

Auto Shut Off

It's common for log level changes to accidentally get left on. 3 months later you realize that debug session has cost you a fortune.

Prefab has a built in auto shut off feature. You can set a time limit on any log level change. When the time is up, the log level automatically reverts back to the original value.

Target Log Levels Like Feauture Flags

At scale, setting the log level for an entire package or class can still be expensive overkill.

Use all of the context at your disposal to target log levels to specific users, transactions or devops targets like availability zone, pod or region.

Save Big Money

In a world where logging costs scale with volume, Prefab can actually be on your side because our costs have nothing to do with your volume.

Your logs don't go through Prefab. Instead, Prefab controls the values of a filter, ensuring you only log what's necessary. And the pricing? It's $1 / server, at any volume.

You're going to save a lot of money and we think that's great.