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First-Class Feature Flags. Out of the box.

Say goodbye to context switching and hello to feature flags in your IDE.

Feature Flag Tools For React

· 3 min read
Jeff Dwyer

We're thrilled to introduce our new Editor Tools for React developers!

As React developers, we cherish our time in the editor. However, dealing with Feature Flags typically meant stepping out of that space. We pondered, "What if we could manage everything directly from the editor?" The result is something we're really proud of.

Feature Flag Autocompletion

First off, we've integrated an autocomplete feature for feature flags. A wrongly typed feature flag can be a nuisance, especially since they default to false, leading to tricky debugging. Let your editor assist you. Enjoy autocomplete for flag and configuration names, and the ability to auto-create simple flags if they don't exist yet.

Feature Flag autocomplete

Feature Flag Evaluations Data on Hover

Implementing a feature flag is often straightforward. The real challenge is monitoring its status. Is it active? Can it be removed? What's its production value?

We envisioned how amazing it would be to integrate evaluation data directly into the editor. The result is indeed amazing! Now, you can get all the answers with a simple hover, without ever leaving your editor.

Feature Flag autocomplete

This lets you see if a flag is set to true in your staging or demo environment, or doing a percentage rollout in production.

Toggle Feature Flags

Don't leave your editor to toggle a feature flag. Simply click on the flag and set it to true.

Feature Flag autocomplete

Personal Overrides

Ever accidentally committed if true || flags.enabled?("myflag")? I've done it. It happens when I want to see a flag's effect but don't want to change it globally. So, I temporarily tweak it to true and then sometimes forget to revert it.

Feature Flag autocomplete

Wouldn't it be better to simply click on the flag and set it to true just for your local environment? This personal overrides feature, linked to your developer account, lets you do just that. Test your feature without disrupting others, all within your coding flow.


We're absolutely digging these tools internally and we're excited to expand upon them. We think the idea of being able to detect zombie or stale flags right in our editor would be very useful. We feel like we've taken a big step forward with the inline evaluation data on hover, but we're excited to keep pushing forward. We'd love to hear some of your ideas for how we can make these tools even better.

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