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Feature Flags with a Seat for Everyone

Say goodbye to per-user pricing and hello to feature flags in your IDE.

Q2 @ Prefab: Feature Flags for Every Member of Your Team

· 3 min read
Jeff Dwyer

Feature flags are great, but paying $20-100+ / seat takes all the fun out of them. Prefab is a developer-focused Feature Flag and dynamic configuration system that lets you save 70-80% on your bill while getting a more versatile system to boot.

Because we don't charge on seats, customers have been inclined to let everyone have a seat. Whether it's marketing being able to dynamically configure a notice or junior developers who no longer need to ask in Slack for someone to change a flag, this is a boost to speed all around.

With all those seats, we needed to ensure that customers had the control they needed about who could do what. So, Q2 was all about giving our customers the visibility and control they needed to confidently switch to Prefab, get a seat for everyone, save a bunch of money, and make their systems more dynamic.

RBAC & ABAC for Advanced Permissions

The core of our work was advanced permission work. The first part of that was building a flexible way for Prefab customers tag their flags and configuration.

support for tagging feature flags

Now that we have these groupings, we can use these tags and the customer's SAML roles to build customized rule sets to configure permissions within the system.

abac for feature flags

Building permissions doesn't exactly sound like fun, but we were excited to do it because it meant that our customers can now roll out Prefab more broadly to their teams, and we love the creative use cases we're seeing.

Slack Integration

Along with access control, visibility is a huge boon to understanding the state of your dynamic system. Our top customer request: a Slack integration, is now available. This feature provides passive visibility into feature toggles within Slack, enabling easy updates and interactions with comments and emojis.

Slack integration for feature flags

Percent Rollouts

We’ve improved our support for feature flag rollouts so that you can release changes to as little as 0.1% of users, meeting our customers’ needs for precise control.

Granular Rollouts

Prefab now supports even distribution for multi-arm experiments. Simply click "split evenly" for a perfectly balanced rollout of 1/3. No more 33%,33%,34% experiments here!

Split evenly

Audit Trails & Restore / Rollback

We've enhanced our audit trails with detailed change descriptions and the ability to view flag or config states at any time, ensuring comprehensive system oversight.

Easily revert to a previous configuration state with the audit trail’s new ‘Restore’ feature.

Easy Rollbacks


Q2 was awesome, and we are hard at work on a whole host of improvements for Q3. First and foremost, we're working to bring our evaluations to the edge, so Front-end clients get the fastest and most reliable flag evaluations possible.

Please get in touch if your Feature Flag tool isn't bringing your delight and I can share some in-progress case-studies of customers switching to Prefab.

Stay tuned for more updates or follow us on LinkedIn.

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