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Easy Installation, Instant Savings

The Prefab dynamic filter prevents un-necessary logs before they're even emitted from your application so you save money across the stack. You'll save money on all elements of logging:

  • Log Pipelines
  • Log Ingestion Fees
  • Log Retention Fees
Image showing easy installation process

Log Levels on Demand

How does it save money? By letting you change and target log levels just when you need them. With Prefab, you can change log levels on the fly, so you can log less until you need it.

Need deeper insights for debugging? Switch to debug level logging in an instant. When you're done, stop paying for logs no one is reading.

Image showing changing log levels on the fly

Accelerate MTTR

When things are on fire, you want to find the problem as quickly as possible. More debugging information means faster solutions and significant reductions in your Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR).

Don't pay for detailed traced for the hundreds of thousands of devices you don't need. With Prefab, get the right logs from the right places at the right time.

Powerful targeting allows you to target log levels by whatever context you have. Be it userId, teamId, or transactionId, it's easy to laser focus.

Image illustrating targeted logging feature

Don't Forget to Turn Logging Off

We've all been there. Someone needed more debugging 3 months ago and you've been paying for it ever since. Use Timed Logger to automatically revert when your debugging session is completed.

Image depicting increased efficiency and decreased costs

Easy To Try

Adding our dynamic filter is easy. A line or two of code to configure and you will be able to customize log output like never before.

By using Prefab, you're not just saving money on DataDog; you're investing in a tool that changes how you approach logging altogether. With Prefab, you get detailed insights when you need them, without the noise and cost of constant, unnecessary logs.

60 day free trial. Generous free tier. Try Prefab today and experience logging reimagined.

  // java
  public ConfigClient configClient(PrefabCloudClient prefabCloudClient) {
      ConfigClient client = prefabCloudClient.getClient();
      PrefabMDCTurboFilter.install(client); //Install the MDC Logging Filter return client;
  #ruby / rails application.rb
  module MyApplication
    class Application < Rails::Application
      $prefab =

Interested in Saving money on APM & DataDog Indexed Spans?

Use chat to contact us. We're actively working on the ability to bring this same level of targeting and control to APM.

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