Fully Operational Feature Flags

Witness the power of this fully armed and operational platform!
Prefab has it where it counts. Instantaneous feature flag updates, powerful segmentation features, developer friendly debugging experience, robust audit logs. We've got everything you need, without crazy seat based pricing.

Instant Updates

Instantaneous local flag evaluation backed by a sophisticated streaming system that keeps all your servers up to date instantaneously.

Powerful Segmentation

Create reusable segments, Powerful matching rules & Target specific users

Sounding good?
Cut a branch and try it out.

Everything You Need

A feature flag solution that has everything you need and isn't a painful expense? We've got it.


Good segmentation tools is what set feature flag solutions apart. Prefab has great tools to define and reuse your segments across all your flags.


Deploy safely and rollback instantaneously without deploying.


Go beyond feature flags with advanced dynamic configuration. Instantly updated any values across your ecosystem. Pinpoint specific namespaces.

Dynamic Log Levels

Make logging actually useful. Update log levels for a specific class or method instantly. Production issue? Turn it to debug. Fix. Done. All while saving $$$ on your log aggregator.

Change Levels Instantly

For any class, package or logger, change the log level instantly. No restarts, no redeploys, no waiting.

Laser focus to debug

Target your log levels to by user_id, team or transaction_id, aws region or service. Whatever your dimensions are, you can laser target logging output level.

Save money

Logging can be expensive, but we're on your side. Auto-shutoff helps you save money.

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